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Australia has long been recognised internationally for its diverse geography, natural vast , and temperate environment. Australians Farms affirm this by offering the world exceptionally high-quality products, specially selected from the considerable expanses of arable land that has helped Australia become leading exporter of Meat and Seafood products.

We offer high-quality Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Goat, Veal and Offal products processed at HACCP/ Halal, USDA and EU export approved facilities according to international standards. And you can rest assured that animal welfare is one of our highest priorities. Only the finest, graded livestock is selected, and subjected to accelerated conditioning and ageing, to ensure tenderness of all cuts.

Halal Meat Cuts

We offer a full range of fresh chilled and frozen meats including beef, veal, sheep and offal.

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The flavor of our natural, wholesome beef shows you why Australia is recognized internationally for producing tender, juicy beef. And it’s no accident. Australia’s MSA grading system gives buyers in the world wide markets the ability to purchase high-quality, graded beef.


Australia is one of the World’s largest exporters of Sheep Livestock and products, Lamb in particular. Animal health and welfare is the number one priority for Australian farmers. Australian Lamb is an all-natural product.

All our lambs are naturally raised on lush green pastureland. Our lamb’s sweet, mild taste is a result of Australia’s pure environment. True Aussie Lamb is raised on world’s finest ingredients: Clean Air, Fresh Water and Green Grass.


Our Veal is sourced from several passionate farmers, who care deeply about the challenges presented by the dairy industry and are committed to providing a solution. Veal is the meat from a younger animal of either a dairy breed, dairy crossbreed or beef breed. In Australia, veal is the meat produced from dairy calves weighing less than 70kg or beef calves (vealers/weaners) weighing up to 150kg.


Offal are retained from both grass and grain-fed cattle and can be packed as either chilled or frozen to meet customer requirements.

Some offal dishes are considered gourmet food in international cuisine. This includes foie gras, pâté, and sweetbreads. Other offal dishes remain part of traditional regional cuisine and may be consumed especially in connection with holidays such as the Scottish tradition of eating haggis on Robbie Burns Day. Intestines are traditionally used as casings for sausages.


Our high quality meat product is raised on lush, free-range natural pastures. These healthy, stress-free environments enable us to produce the best meat nature can offer. Well-defined muscling and marbling, nutritious, flavoursome, tender and hormone-free aged.

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