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About European Products

Europe is the second smallest continent in the world but the third most populated and more than 50 languages are spoken. However, due to the great diversity of cultures, different climates and great variety of geographical reliefs, we can find unique products that make this continent a granary of delicatessen.

The Suckling Lamb/Goat, Olive oil from Spain and Italy, Salmon from Norway, Potatoes from Belgium…etc, are some of the good examples.

Our goal at European Green Farm company is to offer you all our experience and knowledge of the best products from this old continent.

European Product Range

Halal Meat Cuts

We offer a full range of Veal, Milk-Lamb/Goat, Lamb, Mutton and Offal products.

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Halal Poultry

We offer a wide variety of Poultry products of all sizes, from 1 to 4 kg, including the Baby Chicken.

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European Green Farm distributes a wide variety of fresh and frozen fish such as Cod, Halibut, Shellfish, Bivalves.

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Dairy products

Europe countries are known to be the leaders in supplying high quality dairy products, and now we can bring this range to you.

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European Green Farm exports a wide range of Vegetables products.

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Pantry Staple

Olive oil, is just one of fundamental products that we offer in this section.

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Our ultimate target is to increase the market share of bovine meat from the EU in general to other word wide countries. However, knowing Europe so strict with the Beef business regulation and going through the highest quality standard, we are at European Green Farm select the best Grass & Grain Fed Beef cuts to meet your target and markets enquiry.


European Lamb meat is an indisputable pillar of cultural, economic and gastronomic traditions. They are also an essential element in caring for the environment due to the benefits provided by traditional sheep grazing. Milk-fed Lamb and Goat Carcasses and cuts business is one of our main strengths.


Animal welfare is one of the priorities of our European producers. All of them have the Halal slaughtered under the supervisión of the accredited Halal associations. We offer the highest quality Mutton and Goat cuts available in Europe.


The increase in global consumption of chicken meat over the past few years has made it easier for us to open new markets and expand the market share of the European Chicken business, mainly on the Baby Chicken line.

We have a wide range of products that covers the demand of most markets. Grillers, Legs, Thigh, Breast, Gizzards, Livers…etc, are some of the items we can offer.


Europe, bathed by the North – Baltic – Atlantic – Mediterranean – Cantabrian seas, has a wide variety of fresh and frozen fish and other seafood products. From the main fishing grounds such as Gran Sol, Ireland, Scotland and the Bay of Biscay, we offer a wide variety of seafood items that will satisfy your business desire. Also, from the main Aquaculture companies we offer a wide range of products with a sustainable supply such as the Sea Bream and the Sea Bass from Greece, the Mussel and the Turbot from Spain or the Trout from France.


The European Union is the world’s leading producer of cow’s milk. The high quality of the pastures located in the Alps, and the preservation of traditions in the production of dairy products, make Europe a benchmark in the entire range of Dairy products, Cheeses and Butters.

We offer products widely used in the food industry such as powdered milk and also products with a protected designation of origin such as French Gruyère or Italian Parmesan cheese.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will find it.


Europe, with its optimal climatic conditions coupled with a modern, consistent and innovative production system is the best example of sustainability to feed the world. Peas, Beans, Corn, mixed Vegetables, and the Potatoes being the most recognised veggie item ex Europe, are the top world wide quality products.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, is considered in Europe as the “liquid gold”. The consumption of olive oil provides extensive health benefits, as it is a fundamental ingredient to achieve a healthy diet. From the main world producers such as Spain and Italy, we export all kinds of varieties of oil.


We’ve also taken consumers’ needs into consideration. As a result of consumer research, our retail resealable bags have been designed to allow for the easy removal of selected portions from each pack. Upon resealing, the remaining product within the bag, maintains its premium quality.