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About Brazilian Products

Brazil is today the world’s largest exporter of beef, with other South American countries like Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina. Columbia and Venezuela are also becoming top exporters of beef.

Cattle are naturally designed to graze in open pastures and do very well in open grassy environments such as the “Pampas” of Argentina and Uruguay, the “Llanos” of Colombia and Venezuela, the lush tropical climate of Brazil.

According to international standards, we offer high-quality Beef, Lamb, and Chicken products processed at HACCP/ Halal, USDA, and EU export-approved facilities. And you can rest assured that animal welfare is one of our highest priorities. Only the finest, graded livestock is selected and subjected to accelerated conditioning and aging to ensure the tenderness of all cuts.

Brazilian Product Range

Halal Meat Cuts

We offer a full range of fresh chilled and frozen meats including beef, veal and sheep.

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Halal Poultry

Brazil is the largest poultry exporter offering a wide variety range of poultry options.

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Brazilian Product range


The different breeds of Brazilian cattle have been carefully selected and cross-bred to thrive in the local tropical conditions that helps offering a good standard of tenderness, marbelling and flavour of the beef cuts.


We offer the highest-quality cuts of lamb and sheep available from the South American Region. Our range is well known for being tender, juicy and for its reachflavour.


The quality of Brazilian poultry and the efficiency of Brazil’s chicken production have made the country the world’s largest poultry exporter.

Brazil can be considered as something of the perfect environment for chicken farming, thanks to the sub-tropical climate.


We’ve also taken consumers’ needs into consideration. As a result of consumer research, our retail resealable bags have been designed to allow for the easy removal of selected portions from each pack. Upon resealing, the remaining product within the bag, maintains its premium quality.