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India has a solid reputation of being a reliable exporter of risk-free, nutritious and competitively priced frozen Halal buffalo meat, Frozen Fruit and Vegetable products.

India is considered one of the world’s largest exporter of some of the finest breeds of buffaloes. 100% of the meat exported from India is prepared strictly in compliance with Islamic requirements of genuine Halal.

The Indian Frozen Fruit and Vegetables are well recognized as one of the best quality and flavour all over the world.

Indian Product Range

Halal Meat Cuts

We offer a full range of Buffalo, Veal, Lamb, Goat and Offal products.

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Indian Green Farm exports a wide range of Frozen Fruit and Vegetables products.

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India is one of the leading supplier of Halal Buffalo meat to the international markets. Only the finest, graded livestock is selected and the meat is acknowledged for its freshness and tempting flavour.


India is well renowned being the largest Veal producer that covers most of the Middle East countries, North American region and big part of Asia as well. The good quality and the competitive pricing have pushed the demand on the Indian Veal to the top levels.


The outstanding reputation of the Indian Lamb comes due to the small size Lamb and the unique flavour of the meat. Middle East and the North American markets are one of the best buyers of the Indian Lamb.


The Indian Goat is a well coveted red meat due to its singular taste and the unrivaled flavour and texture. The Indian Goat market is segmented in terms of breed, age, gender and the area the goat is grown and the plants they eat.


Only the best and chosen cuts, such as: Heart, Liver, Tongue, Kidney, Sweetbreads etc. Such Offals products are nutritious, inexpensive and most of all delicious. These products are high in nutrients, high in iron, contain more nutrients than muscle meat in most cases and are very inexpensive.


India is well famed being one of the largest Fruit and Vegetables exporter with the best quality and taste ever especially when it comes to certain products range such as: Mango, Guava, Papaya, Strawberry.


Our high quality meat product is raised on lush, free-range natural pastures. These healthy, stress-free environments enable us to produce the best meat nature can offer. Well-defined muscling and marbling, nutritious, flavoursome, tender and hormone-free aged.